Worm Remedy for Caged Birds & Poultry

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Worm Remedy for Fowls (Chickens), Turkeys, Ducks, Cage Birds and Pigeons
Avivermâ„¢ is an anthelmintic which provides simultaneous treatment of immature and adult stages of the three most important intestinal worms: Ascaridia (roundworm; Capillaria (hairworm); Heterakis (cecal worm)

It is best applied to drinking water on an average temperature day, when there will be a predictable amount of water consumption. This allows you to dose more accurately.

Poultry birds must not be consumed within 7 days of the last treatment, and eggs may not be consumed until after 6 days from last treatment.

Dosage rate: 1ml per 9kg of bodyweight


Levamisole Hydrochloride 24% w/v as an aqueous solution

Features / Benefits

– Easy to use, simply add to drinking water
– Eradicates Ascaridia (roundworm), Capillaria (hairworm), Heterakis (cecal worm)


50ml (treats up to 450kg bodyweight)


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