Flee Flea Natural Flea Deterrent

Flee Flea is a natural & nutritional supplement for Cats and Dogs. It is a mixture of healthy food ingredients which, when sprinkled on food daily, helps deter fleas and improve the health and well-being of small animals.  Flee Flea can also help eliminate tear-staining.


– Brewers Yeast
– Wheat Germ
– Wheat Bran
– Garlic
– Kelp
– Dolomite
– Sulphur
– Lecithin
– Ascorbic Acid

These food substances are high in Vitamins and Minerals and contains no chemicals.

Directions for Use

– Kittens, Cats, Puppies, Small Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs: ½ – 1 tsp daily
– Medium & Large Dogs:  1 – 2 T daily

Flee Flea may be sprinkled onto food, or rubbed into animal’s coat & left to be licked off during grooming.  Already infested Animals may have Flee Flea rubbed into their coat initially.

Flee Flea helps to control fleas in cats & dogs, and contributes to the health & well-being of your pet.

Features / Highlights

– Improved coat
– Improved digestive function
– Increased energy
– Improved skin condition
– Improved general health
– No doggy breath
– Parasite deterrent
– Less nervousness


25gm – Sample Bag (try before you buy bigger)

225g – Plastic Jar

1kg – Resealable plastic bag


25gm Sample, 225g Jar, 1kg Bag, 140gm Shaker


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