Green Trading Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomaceous Earth Powder is a natural non-toxic pesticide and dietary supplement

Green Trading Diatomaceous earth powder is made up of tiny fossilized diatoms (plankton) that have accumulated over millennia in freshwater lakes. These pure deposits are mined and ground into a fine powder that is naturally high in silica and other minerals. It is this chalky white powder that we call diatomaceous earth.

Green Trading Diatomaceous Powder is food grade, freshwater sourced siliceous fossil powder and is used in the manufacturing of animal feed and is also suitable for human consumption. Naturally occurring Micro-nutrients are available to the animal following oral consumption. It can also be used as a Soil Conditioner in organic production. Green trading DE siliceous fossil powder contains 88-92% silica, of which 99% is amorphous silica. There are also 15 essential trace minerals, including, phosphorous, selenium, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron. A healthy natural supplement for your pets and animals.


– 100% Food Grade, Fresh Water Sourced, Certified Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder.

Directions for Use

As a flea treatment

Can be spread around pets bedding and surrounding areas. The sharp edges of the particles scratch fleas exoskeleton causing them to lose moisture and dehydrate

As an Animal Feed Supplement:

Mix up to 2% diatomaceous siliceous fossil power in daily feed ration for animals.

For larger animals dose 25gm per day and for small animals 10gm per day

Features / Highlights

– deters fleas and other insects
– source of essential trace minerals
– Chemical free
– Non staining


500gm resealable pack

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25gm Sample, 225g Jar, 1kg Bag, 140gm Shaker


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