Happypet Venison Straps Dog Chews

100% Delicious New Zealand Venison Dog Chews

Happypet Venison Straps Dog Chews are chewy straps of pure meat that are bliss for any dog, but their texture makes them particularly good for the baby teeth of puppies and ageing teeth of older dogs. They are an ideal natural dental chew for these junior and older citizens. Venison Straps are clean to handle and you’ll never see any trace, once you’ve handed them over. That’s a promise.

It’s no secret that dogs love to chew, and it’s important to fulfill this basic instinct to avoid your pup making “chew toys” out of your favourite pair of slippers or leather boots. Treat your dog to a tasty and healthy snack with the Happypet range of venison dog chews!

Made from strong protein fibres, these air dried venison chews provide a delicious and nutritious snack for your dog. These treats are also 100% natural and an excellent treat option for dogs with food sensitivities.

See this article on the benefits of Vension products in your dog’s diet.


– Provides essential chewing exercise for dogs jaws
– Helps to keep teeth and gums healthy
– Provides an excellent source of entertainment
– Assists to relieve anxiety in anxious dogs
– Provides a great source of natural and unprocessed nutrients


125g Pack

400g Pack


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125g, 400g


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