Loaded with healing properties to help with numerous skin-related issues.

Kiss It Better Healing Balm 4 Animals is loaded with healing properties to help with numerous skin-related issues.
Can be used on wounds, cuts & abrasions, hot spots, mange, inflamed & itchy skin, dry, split nose & lips, cracked paws, dermatitis, reduces scarring & encourages hair growth, burns & sunburns, post-surgery treatment, fungal infections, girth rubs, chafing & blisters, mud fever & rain scald, udder and teats care.
The combination of healing properties of the ingredients will start improving your pets and peoples skin straight away.

Kiss-It-Better balm is suitable for pets and humans!

Feedback from users (supplied by manufacturer):
– Within 24h the Kiss-It-Better balm has done an incredible job! Thank you, Diana, for this amazing product!
– Amazing stuff, Ruby’s tummy was sorted in 2 days
– The best balm I’ve used to repair cracked pads on my dogs’ paws
– Amazing stuff, thank you, Diana. Our wee man is so much happier!
– This balm is a must for every pet owner!
– Our cat had got in a fight, got his ear ripped. We put some of this balm, within 3 days it was healed.
– After getting a cut paw and having it cleaned out, used your healing balm. Great outcome and happy Zoe.
– Love the healing balm. Works wonders on dry skin and dogs’ noses.
– My dog developed raw patches around his eyes and muzzle due to wandering jew in our orchards. Your balm has definitely helped and I have recommended your balm to others.
– this product is amazing! It smells beautiful and only contains natural ingredients. Especially the high-grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand makes this balm very unique. Our dog Henry has had a wound on his leg that he was licking constantly, as soon as I applied the balm, it started healing overnight. I’m so impressed with this product that I’m going to use it on myself as well.
– Everything heals so quickly! Magic balm we call it!


NZ Manuka Honey +20UMF (highest grade) which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties
Calendula and St. John’s Wort oil are great for soothing the skin
Essential oils of lavender, geranium, and chamomile are well known for wound care.


– Heals skin fast, on pets and people
– Natural ingredients with known healing properties
– Smells great


50g pottle (up to 100 uses depending on size of affected area)

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