Kitty Boinks

Turn a cat into a kitten again with Kitty Boinks.

This clever flexible tube toy springs into action and makes cats go wild. When compressed Kitty Boinks shoot up to 30 feet, providing cats with tons of exercise and excitement. Cats can’t seem to get enough of this colorful mesh pocket rocket.

Two Ways to Play

Compress them in your hand and release them to shoot or tuck in the ends for a rolling toy.
This flexible tube toy is durable, long-lasting and drives cats into a frenzy. It also promotes exercise, and is fun for both owner and feline.


– made in the USA
– 125mm long (See Super Kitty Boinks for larger 175mm version)
– shoot them or roll them, cats love to pounce and bat them around the room
– sold individually
– comes in assorted bright colours and patterns, a random colour / pattern will be sent, feel free to advise your colour preferences at the checkout.


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