Korure Pets Turkey Bites

Healthy 100% NZ Free Range Turkey Treat

Korure Pets Turkey Bites are not just a treat! Add them into your dog’s meal for boost of protein and nutrients!

Turkey contains highly digestive protein which is also lean. This is better for older dogs or dogs with sensitive stomach in comparison to other meats.

Korure Pets Turkey Bites contain 100% Natural freeze dried NZ turkey meat cut into small bite sizes. These are nutritious and delicious! A perfect treat for your dog. The turkeys are free-range, that don’t use antibiotics, so not only they are lean meat that is great for protein source but also natural as they are 100% meat with nothing added.


– Made in NZ from Human grade turkey meat
– 100% Natural
– Grain free, beef-free and chicken-free


100% Turkey Meat


60g per pack

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