ProPlan Canine FortiFlora Probiotic Supplement

Designed to promote gut health

ProPlan Canine FortiFlora is a complementary pet food with live probiotic suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies. It contains live “friendly” bacteria that help maintain intestinal health and balance, and a healthy immune system. FortiFlora can be useful to help support digestive upsets or poor stool quality caused by imbalance in the intestinal bacteria. This can occur due to illness, stress, antibiotic therapy, dietary changes or just due to older age.

FortiFlora can be given before and during anticipated gastro-intestinal stress periods, like travelling, to help maintain good faecal quality.

This product is highly palatable so can act as a palatability enhancer for dogs with poor appetite – it can be easily sprinkled on top of any dog foods. One sachet is given daily, for nutritional support FortiFlora should be fed for 30 days.

Features / Highlights

– Contains live lactic acid bacteria to help support intestinal health and balance
– Helps support a healthy immune system
– Provides palatability enhancement for dogs with poor appetite
– Helps maintain good faecal quality

Feeding Guide

Sprinkle 1 sachet daily over your dog’s regular food. Keep between 2° and 25°C.


30 x 1g sachets per pack

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