Faithful Frank Cedarwood Soap For Dogs

Assists with skin irritations, dandruff, with anti-inflammatory properties

Faithful Frank Cedarwood Soap contains Cedarwood which assists with skin irritations, dandruff, and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It is gentle, easily tolerated and good for their nerves. Combining the Shea butter for moisture, and Argan oil which is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and rich with antioxidants. Cedarwood is also good for hair loss, and can deodorise those smells.

How often you should wash your dog is dependent on whether it is large or small, short or long hair – it is always good to refer to the to the guidelines of the breed. Once a month for a bath should be sufficient, as dogs naturally clean themselves by licking, shaking, and rolling and are more hygienic than we think. Always keep an eye out for any grooming habit changes – for instance continuous licking of a paw (this could indicate an irritation maybe from grass)

Your faithful friend definitely needs a little help now and then, especially if they go out and come back mucky or tend to be a bit smelly.

Choose an ideal place to bath your dog and don’t force them into anything that will cause anxiety.

– Give them a really good brush, no-one enjoys knotty hair
– Wash outside on a warm dry day and inside on a cold wet day
– Wet their fur thoroughly
– Always keep soap away from their eyes, ears and nose (wash their face last with a cloth only)

Faithful Frank soap shape has been designed to sit perfectly in your hand and rolls over your dogs sensitive spots with no sharp edges.

Always have good drainage in a soap tray to ensure your soap lasts longer.

Faithful Frank Soap


– Cedarwood assists with skin irritations, dandruff, anti-inflammatory, and has a calming effect
– Shea butter for moisture
– Argan oil for anti-inflammatory properties



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