Trixie High Frequency Dog Whistle

Tuneable Whistle That Targets Frequencies Only Dogs Can Hear

Please note that the Trixie High Frequency Dog Whistle is not silent. Humans still hear some noise depending on the pitch adjustment. The lower the pitch, the more human audible noise is produced. You will need to experiment to see what pitch your dog best responds to.

To tune the whistle, pull off the plastic cap. It is a tight fit, soaking in warm water will make it easier to remove if you are having difficulty. With the cap off you will see the adjustment screw (see picture). While blowing through the whistle, turn the adjustment screw in for higher pitch or out for lower pitch, until you get the most suitable tone. Push the cap back on and you are done!


– metal/plastic
– with frequency guard, guarantees a consistent tone frequency
– individually tuneable
– very quiet (at highest pitch)
– The pitch of the high frequency whistle will be perceived by the dogs because of their bigger audio frequency. The pitch can be set by the help of a set screw which is under the plastic cap.
– The whistle is deal for training and hunting. Its sound differs clearly from the day to day sounds with which the dog is normally confronted.

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