Troy Plaque Off For Cats

Dietary Supplement That Reduces Bad Breath, Plaque and Tartar in Cats

Troy Plaque Off Dental Powder for Cats is a dietary supplement which is clinically proven to reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar in cats. Troy Plaque Off Dental Powder is designed to be used once daily, and can be added to either wet or dry food.

Safety Information

Plaque Off may not be suitable for animals undergoing thyroid treatment – if you’re unsure, please contact your vet.
If your pet still has bad breath after treatment, then you should consult your vet, as it could be a sign of a serious underlying condition.
For animal use only. The safety of Plaque Off has not been established for pregnant or nursing animals.
Reactions such as itching may occur in animals with algae hypersensitivity, allergies, or a sensitive stomach.


Cats under 10kg – give half to one scoop daily
1 scoop = 0.4 grams. Each 40g pottle = approximately 100 scoops.

Introduce the supplement gradually for pets with sensitive digestion


– 100% natural product with no additives or artificial preservatives
– Completely natural product made from Norwegian Seaweed
– Clinically proven to reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar
– The product is safe and can be used continuously
– Designed to be used in conjunction with brushing


40g pottle

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