Wunder Tonic

A general cure for many fish diseases.

Wunder Tonic is a general cure, effective against many problems including Fungus, Shimmius, Whitespot, Tailrot and mouth fungus.

Active Ingredients

0.05% Acriflavin, 1.5% Methylene Blue, 0.1% Malachite Green, and 0.04% quinine, in an aqueous solution.


Add 1mL per 20 litres of aquarium water (1 drop per litre).

On day 3 make a 25% water change and add 1mL per 30 litres.

On day 7 make a further 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon.

If fish show signs of discomfort during treatment make a 50% freshwater change.

Treatment may be repeated if necessary.

Remove activated carbon from filter during treatment, Replace with new carbon once dosing is complete.

Please note this cure may damage live plants and stain aquarium silicone.


50ml Treats up to 1,000L

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